The Media & Business Contracts Handbook

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The Media and Business Contracts Handbook, 4th Edition (and CD-ROM)Deborah Fosbrook & Adrian C. LaingThis master reference book combines a knowledge of contract, copyright and commercial practice to provide 85 ready to use and adapt expertly drafted contracts, licences, acquisition, distribution, termination, buyout agreements and other documents and letters. An excellent resource for lawyers and non-legal professionals engaged in contract drafting; the acquisition and exploitation of copyright; website development; merchandising; publishing; film; tv; sponsorship; sports; media and mobiles; marketing and advertising; company, university, charity and business affairs.Contents include compromise agreement; contract of employment for Executive Director; pod cast acquisition agreement; asset purchase agreement; shareholders agreement; a joint venture which is royalty-based; trade mark user licence agreement; agency agreements for sport, merchandising, publishing and television; confidentiality agreements; publishing, ghost writing and serialisation agreements; packaging agreement with profit share; digital rights agreement; image rights agreements and sponsorship agreements; advertising, promotion, product placement and marketing agreements; purchase agreement for a film based on a book; film and TV production, licence, and distribution agreements; buyout agreement for artwork, and other material; client care letter; data protection and freedom of information request letters; competition and prize draw rules; internet defamation complaint letter.At the back of the book are a Checklist of Clauses; a list of Codes of Practice and Guidelines; and a Legal, Commercial and Business Internet Directory which can help in your research, marketing, and developing your businessThe chapter headings for the new 4th Edition are as follows:1. General Business;2. Agency;3. Internet and Website;4. Employment, Contracts for Services and Confidentiality;5. Publishing Agreements;6. Sponsorship and Image Rights7. Advertising, Promotion, Product Placement and Marketing;8. Film and Television Production;9 Exploitation of Characters, Designs, Artwork, Photographs and Three Dimensional Works;10. Letter & Competition Rules11. Checklist of Clauses; Codes of Practice and Guidelines; Legal, Commercial and Business Internet DirectoryWho will benefit from this book: commercial solicitors and barristers, Head of Legal and Business Affairs, Head of Contracts, Head of Copyright, Rights and Licensing Managers, Director of Legal Affairs, Company Secretaries, Managing Directors, Web Masters, Director of Corporate Development, agents, copyright owners, sponsors, charities, universities, institutes and libraries, marketing, advertising, media companies and international businesses.