Mechanical Engineering

Paperback / softback
The most popular specialist mechanical units of the BTEC National Engineering in one book! Clear, full colour layout and numerous examples, activities, quizzes and review questions with answers make it easy for students to learn and revise for their exams Each chapter covers one unit of the syllabus and contains all the learning outcomes Content you can trust - written by an experienced lecturer involved in the development of the syllabus The third edition of this established textbook fully covers the 6 most popular specialist units of the Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Operations and Maintenance Engineering pathways of the BTEC National Engineering syllabus. Units covered: Unit 8 - Engineering Design, Unit 10 Properties and Applications of Engineering Materials, Unit 11 - Further Mechanical Principles and Applications, Unit 12 - Applications of Mechanical Systems and Technology, Unit 15 - Electro, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems and Devices, Unit 18 - Advanced Mechanical Principles and Applications. Mathematical theory is backed up with numerous examples to work through. There are also activities for students to complete out of the classroom which help put theory into context. The activities have been thoroughly revised in line with the new assessment ad grading criteria. Test your Knowledge quizzes throughout the text enable the students to test their understanding as they work through the book, while end of unit review questions are ideal for exam revision and course work. Additional Materials Registered lecturers can download two additional free chapters from our companion website: Unit 13 - Principles and Applications of Fluid Mechanics Unit 14 - Principles and Applications of Thermodynamics