Mechanical Characterization of Materials and Wave Dispersion

Dynamic tests have proven to be as efficient as static tests andare often easier to use at lower frequency. Over the last 50 years,the methods of investigating dynamic properties have resulted insignificant advances. This book explores dynamic testing, themethods used, and the experiments performed, placing a particularemphasis on the context of bounded medium elastodynamics. Thediscussion is divided into four parts. Part A focuses on thecomplements of continuum mechanics. Part B concerns the varioustypes of rod vibrations: extensional, bending, and torsional. PartC is devoted to mechanical and electronic instrumentation, andguidelines for which experimental set-up should be used are given.Part D concentrates on experiments and experimental interpretationsof elastic or viscolelastic moduli. In addition, several chapterscontain practical examples alongside theoretical discussion tofacilitate the reader?s understanding. The results presented arethe culmination of over 30 years of research by the authors and assuch will be of great interest to anyone involved in this field.