Measuring Welfare Changes and Tax Burdens

This book is concerned with some of the conceptual and practical problems of measuring the changes in welfare of individuals and the excess burdens arising from taxation. It provides an introductory review of alternative concepts and practical approaches to the measurement of welfare as well as providing a number of practical examples of welfare analyses in a variety of contexts. The excess burden of a tax is a central concept in economics. John Creedy provides an introduction to various concepts of welfare change, paying particular attention to the measurement issues involved. He then applies the methods outlined to the measurement of marginal tax reform and indirect tax reform, with empirical data taken from Australia. He also examines the redistributive effect of price changes in Australia between 1980 and 1995, and the effects of inflation in New Zealand over the period 1993-1995. Finally, he calculates the welfare costs of monopoly and measures the burdens of carbon taxation and welfare. Measuring Welfare Changes and Tax Burdens will be of interest to students and academics working in the areas of public finance and public policy, as well as economists working in government.