Measuring Software Reuse: Principles, Practices, and Economic Models

With the techniques in this book, you will have the tools you need to design afar more effective reuse program, prove its bottom-line profitability, and promote software reuse within your organization. Written by a leading software reuse practitioner, Measuring Software Reuse brings together all of the latest concepts, tools, and methods for software reuse metrics, presenting concrete quantitative techniques for accurately measuring the level of reuse in a software project and objectively evaluating its financial benefits. The book addresses all of the many factors involved in a software reuse program: determining what constitutes software reuse-looking at COTS software, operating systems services, tools, code libraries, and more; how to measure the level of reuse in a project; and how to analyze the costs incurred by a software reuse program. You will also find detailed explanations of the various economic models used to evaluate the financial benefits of a reuse program such as cost avoidance, value added, payoff threshold, return-on-investment, and cost-benefit analysis.To further your understanding, the book presents experience-tested techniques for implementing a metrics program by incorporating a recommended reuse metric starter set. It also includes an extensive discussion on the metrics for reuse libraries and examines the issue of measuring reuse throughout the software life cycle. 0201634139B04062001