Meals for 1-2: Creative Ideas for Simple and Pleasurable Cooking

Cooking for one or two can be difficult. Most recipes, after all, feed at least four. Meals for 1-2 makes cooking for yourself or a small number of people an enjoyable experience. The 50 recipes contained in the book are not only quick and easy to prepare but don't leave you with unmanageable leftovers. All recipes make use of store-cupboard supplies and a few fresh ingredients that you can buy in advance when you plan your weekly meals. With recipes for both vegetarians and meat-lovers, you can look forward to feasting on everything from Hot Chilli Prawns on Yellow Shi Noodles to Crispy Lemon Sole with Anchovy Sauce to Pizza with Caramelised Onions, Blue Cheese and Rosemary without spending hours in the kitchen. With Meals for 1-2, you'll soon be enjoying delicious meals designed for smaller numbers.