McGraw Hill's Complete Tools for TOEFL Test

Specifically designed to address the CBT, this new TOEFL preparation text places strong emphasis on the Writing, Essay Preparation section by placing it after the Part II Structure section (not at the back of the book) and by providing error correction practice along with the authentic student essays. Students will not struggle with complicated and lenghty essay practice and teachers will not be overwhelmed trying to cover the essay writing section within the scope of a normal TOEFL course. Exercises replicate actual style of TOEFL questions so students gain familiarity with the TOEFL format. Basic skills are covered but focus is on giving a thorough introduction to the CBT TOEFL and to computer-based skills. Text language is simplified-visually oriented examples instead of text-heavy explanations are used. PRE-UNIT (what you will learn in this unit) and Post-Unit (Key Points of this unit) summaries of salient teaching points and strategies serve as unit reviews and quick-study references prior to actual test taking. ANSWER KEYS provide complete explantion of both correct answers and distractors. MEETS THE NEEDS OF IEP programs with open enrollment-students can quickly review the units they haven't covered. Used as either a main or supplemental text for a 10-15 hour a week, 8-15 week course. Will work as either a self-study guide or a traditional classroom text. GRAPIC ICONS feature important point and provide warning of commonly made errors. SELF-CONTAINED authentic essays used for correction practice preclude teachers' and students' need for supplemental materials.