This is the No. 1 working reference on SS7 - revised and expanded. Signalling System No. 7 is the hands-down choice for engineers and network managers everywhere. Travis Russell's Signalling System No. 7, Third Edition , gives you a bedrock understanding of the signalling network, its architecture, and the protocols used to communicate through it. Accessible even to novices, Russell's guide also provides the technical details, protocol messages, and application examples so fundamentally helpful to developers, engineers, and network planners. Network-switching expert Russell brings his succinct, logical style to: new coverage on VoIP and SS7-TCP/IP interactions; solutions to protocol issues in migrating telecom to the Internet; details on SS7 in broadband and cellular networking; lucid explanations of protocols and network entities, with hands-on examples and applications; clarifications of ANSI standards and Bellcore publications, with model solutions; new information on local number portability; and needed technical data for design and specifications.