If you enjoy reading business books you may want to think twice about reading this one. The author appears to have an intolerance to lists, logical analyses of business models and predictable structure. Instead he seems intent on weaving useful knowledge into unusual stories. This book offers help to those who manage others beyond the basics of building a team, asking why it is that some teams perform better than others? Max is you. He is your potential and friend and he wants Excellence. He asks 'What distinguishes those that do ok from those that excel? What marks out the competent from the outstanding performer?' Max has another objective, he wants you to set your imagination to work and to use it effectively in developing yourself. Without imagination you cannot lead; if you cannot imagine a better time or better self, if you cannot imagine the finished outcome of an activity then you will rarely reach your goals. Max is here to take you to your past and future, to provide you with a unique viewpoint on success and failure. In doing so, he will equip you with valuable insight into leading the performance of others, managing change and developing yourself. Gordon Roscoe's first book, Hidden Treasure is about the basics of building a team. Max adopts the same entertaining style to take the reader to the next stage and also helps the reader to lead that team to high performance.