Mathematical Logic In Asia - Proceedings Of The 9th Asian Logic Conference

This volume is devoted to the main areas of mathematical logic and applications to computer science. There are articles on weakly o-minimal theories, algorithmic complexity of relations, models within the computable model theory, hierarchies of randomness tests, computable numberings, and complexity problems of minimal unsatisfiable formulas. The problems of characterization of the deduction-detachment theorem, 1-induction, completeness of Lesniewski's systems, and reduction calculus for the satisfiability problem are also discussed.The coverage includes the answer to Kanovei's question about the upper bound for the complexity of equivalence relations by convergence at infinity for continuous functions. The volume also gives some applications to computer science such as solving the problems of inductive interference of languages from the full collection of positive examples and some negative data, the effects of random negative data, methods of formal specification and verification on the basis of model theory and multiple-valued logics, interval fuzzy algebraic systems, the problems of information exchange among agents on the base topological structures, and the predictions provided by inductive theories.