Master Your Mind: The Mental Health Guide

Paperback / softback
Master Your Mind is a practical guide for individuals wrestling with a mental disorder - it is also of interest to carers, family and friends of someone within a mental disorder. The book is divided into 5 sections: * Mental disorders and their diagnosis * Master your mind through your mind * Master your mind through your body * Psychological and physical treatments * Mental healthcare services and the law Master your Mind will help you: * alleviate any feelings of fear, hopelessness, or isolation * take greater control over the illness * make the most of the treatments and services available * lead a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life. About the author: Dr Neel Burton qualified in medicine from the University of London and is a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He is the author of several books, including a prize-winning textbook of psychiatry and a prize-winning self-help book for people with schizophrenia. His latest book, The Meaning of Madness, explores what mental disorders can teach us about human nature and the human condition.