Mass Notification and Crisis Communications: Planning, Preparedness, and Systems

Mass communication in the midst of a crisis must be done in a targeted and timely manner to mitigate the impact and ultimately save lives. Based on sound research, real-world case studies, and the author's own experiences, Mass Notification and Crisis Communications: Planning, Preparedness, and Systems helps emergency planning professionals create a crisis communications plan that works by establishing upfront relationships with responders, enacting protocols, and utilizing technology to effectively message the intended audience. Providing communication best practices to professionals, the book: * Reviews the challenges organizations face with communications in the face of various types of disasters * Helps to outline the target audience of the communique * Describes different communication techniques used throughout history during peace and wartime * Provides methods for getting the right message across the first time * Explores how social media can be a powerful tool in message dissemination * Examines the legal landscape to ensure managers are in compliance with international, federal, state, and local regulatory requirements Aligned with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's National Emergency Communications Plan-as well as the U.S. strategic plan to improve emergency response communications-the book provides recommendations to key decision makers given all considerations that must be weighed and factored in during a crisis.