Masabelane-Izakhono Zobomi

The very popular New Sharing our World, a Life skills course for the Foundation Phase, has been fully revised to meet the requirements of the curriculum revisions outlined in the Revised National Curriculum Statement (NCS). It is activity-based and learner-centered, and encourages learners to have fun while they discover the world for themselves. Teachers will find: * a structured programme of learning with weekly units of work divided into daily lessons * full coverage of the learning outcomes and assessment standards that make up the Life skills learning programme * Integration of Mathematics and Language outcomes to support learners' progress in those critical areas * practical help with continuous assessment and record keeping, including clear guidelines for assessment * valuable resources such as photocopiable rubrics, checklists and assessment record sheets * tips to help with the classroom management challenges encountered by teachers every day * contexts that encourage learners to be inquisitive and to explore and understand the environment around them * activities which develop perceptual, communication and problem-solving skills * songs, rhymes, stories, role-play, experiments, things to make and share Teachers can be confident that learners who progress successfully through this course will have fulfilled the requirements of the Life Skills learning programme in the Foundation Phase.