Mary Middling, and Other Silly Folk Nursery Rhymes and Nonsense Poems

Here s a treat for young Mother Goose fans who are ready for something new. With the lively lilt of nursery rhymes and an abundance of silliness, these poems introduce the naughty girl who threw a bun at the teacher, the fellow who eats all his meals upside down, and the king and queen who can t agree on anything at all to mention just a few of the quirky characters who frolic through these pages. Short, catchy verses, collected here in picture book form for the first time, will delight readers and listeners with their gentle absurdity. Katja Bandlow s illustrations depict the silly folk with whimsy and good cheer. Christopher Corker, Lanky Lawrence, and their eccentric friends deserve a place next to Jack Sprat and Peter Pumpkin Eater on every nursery bookshelf!