Martha, No!

A delightful picture book story about one mischievous little girl and a day full of chaos that will have you shouting, Martha, NO! Meet Martha Felicity Molly-Anne May - let her bring chaos into your day. She's the naughtiest girl you'll ever meet, even Mary Poppins would be knocked off her feet! When Martha spends the day with Miss Harrington-Chive, the new nanny gets more than she's bargained for. At the bandstand, at the science Museum and at the restaurant, this poor childminder finds herself screaming - MARTHA, NO! Packed full of character thanks to a terrific rhyming story and Deborah Allwright's fantastic illustrations, Martha, No! is a funny, chaotic yet heart-warming read-aloud picture book. Fans of My Naughty Little Sister by Dorothy Edwards and Shirley Hughes, or The Night Pirates, will love this deliciously devious story.