Mark Twain Speaks for Himself

Paperback / softback
Where does the Twain meet? As observer and reporter. As teacher and preacher. With a twinkle in his eye. With whimsy in his heart. Twain indeed speaks volumes for himself through his newspaper stories, humorous columns, letters, speeches, and interviews, gathered together here for the first time in one paperback volume and providing a picture of the consummate writer - unabashed, critical, and cutting. Ranging in topics from Silver Bars - How Assayed to The Carnegie Spelling Reform, his words in print read as if they were spoken. When Mark Twain wrote, he made the language live by his use of the right word, a striking phrase, a sharp figure of speech, or a pungent remark that is uniquely his own. As vital - and varied - as his style is his tone. Readers who look for his familiar irony and satire will be enmeshed in them before they spot them, making this a perfect title for every Twain collection.