MAP(P): Mind, Ability, Plan, Purpose: Elite Techniques to Achieve Your Goals

'[Elite! is] a compelling read - insightful, imaginative and, without a doubt, inspirational.' - Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Metropolitan Police Commissioner For more than 20 years, Floyd Woodrow MBE DCM served in the SAS. Inspiring his men in the most demanding of situations, he drove his team to the highest levels of success, ultimately being awarded the UK's second-highest award for gallantry, the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Floyd's deeply practical, innovative and highly sought-after teachings are based in his experience of physically and mentally overcoming life's hardest obstacles. Whether you want to succeed in business, sport or leadership, Floyd can help you to plan, focus and succeed in any situation. Based on an understanding of Mind, Abilities, Plan and, most importantly, Purpose, Floyd's approach is rooted in a detailed knowledge of the theories and psychology that underpin cutting-edge motivational training. Containing clear principles and strategies, and reinforced with gripping narratives that bring those principles to life, MAP(P) gives you the tools to perform at the very highest level, every time.