Manchester: A Football History - The Story of City, United, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stalybridge, Stockport and More

The book provides the stories of Manchester's greatest footballing achievements, while also answering questions such as: Why did football in Manchester develop the way it did? How do the Manchester sides compare in terms of local support, trophy success, and so on. Manchester - A Football History is the definitive story of football in the Manchester region. Following the success of his Channel M series on the same subject, writer and football historian Gary James' latest book details the story of Mancunian football from the Middle Ages through to the modern day. The book reveals many new and interesting stories and also tries to spell out many significant events that have shaped the region's football development. Manchester - A Football History focuses on the League/former League sides of Bury, City, United, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport and Stalybridge Celtic, but also takes a look at all the local clubs who have at some point in their history attempted to join the League. Within the pages of this book stories can be read highlighting: * the attempts made by Manchester City Council to install Manchester United as tenants of the City Of Manchester Stadium, not City * the banning of football in the city four hundred years ago * why rugby and football share a few Manchester firsts * Manchester's role in the national formalisation of the game * which Manchester side was the first English team to play competitive football in Scotland * why a street in Wolverhampton contains a memorial to an old Mancunian ground * Which present day League side wanted to change its name to Manchester Football Club during the early 1890s but was blocked by the FA * how Bury found major success before any of the region's other sides * for the first time the true date when Newton Heath became Manchester United * the truth about City's formation as St. Mark's Church side * how City benefited by having one of the biggest newspaper barons of the 20th Century as chairman * the scandal that led to the formation of the PFA * how a City director led United's 1909 FA Cup homecoming * how the region's most successful manager of the period walked out on one of the region's sides to manage their biggest rivals * the story of how Tameside's only League representatives resigned because of lack of support despite getting crowds higher (on average) than Rochdale's all time average * how City and United combined to stop a third Manchester side from threatening their existence * what Rochdale achieved 8 years before City, 20 years before United, and 27 years before Oldham * the development of FC United * the link between City & Hyde * City's poster & United's banner * the recent trials and tribulations at all the region's clubs The updated version of Manchester - A Football History contains over 200,000 words on 544 pages (size 248x174mm) & 8 pages of colour plates, with b/w photographs throughout. Gary James has been working on this book for over a decade: Mancunian football has always been a passion of mine, however I've always been surprised to find that the full history has only ever been considered from the angle of individual clubs. Clearly, each side within the region has a history worth investigating on its own, however I've always felt that the relationships between our clubs and the stories of the region have been neglected. In fact we've often played down the achievements of our region as a whole to focus on one or two sides. As part of Gary's research he has interviewed players, fans, and other figures from many different aspects of the game in the region in his quest to create the definitive story of football in the Manchester region: I believe the book has helped unravel some of the mysteries of the Mancunian game and, for the first time, I have tried to tell the story from the beginning of the game through to the modern era. I've got to say that I've been amazed by some of what I've discovered.