Managing Your Internet and Intranet Services: The Information Professional's Guide to Strategy

Developing an effective website is important for any organization. While the web designer must create a visually appealing navigable site, the information manager must determine what information is relevant and useful to the end-user. The fully revised and updated edition of this successful book is a guide to developing a website strategy, defining objectives for your website, and gaining an understanding of how to publish information on the web. Since the publication of the first edition the skills required to achieve these aims have become more complex. There is a wider range of authoring software, and users expect more sophisticated sites. Information professionals are finding it necessary to acquire a greater depth of technical skills or a greater understanding of what they wish web designers to do. The contribution of information professionals is now actively sought by web designers, particularly in information-related skills such as metadata and content management, usability, and an understanding of search engines. As well as emphasizing the importance of these major developments, the new edition also covers the many new published standards available. It also examines such key areas as information architecture, content management, portals, weblogs, outsourcing and reputation management. A jargon-busting glossary is provided, together with a helpful list of further reading and other reference sources. Readership: This book is a useful guide for all librarians and information managers involved in establishing and managing an operational website. It is essential reading for senior managers wishing to increase their awareness of how best to structure and organize their web service, and who want to understand more about the essential role that library and information professionals should play.