Managing Water Well Deterioration: IAH International Contributions to Hydrogeology 22

Effective management of a water well requires that the water well can meet a set of performance indicators. These can include criteria related to water quality, yield, economics and asset life. Water well deterioration due to fouling and corrosion impacts the ability of a well system to meet these criteria. Managing well deterioration processes involves understanding the nature of these processes and having in place water well maintenance strategies to deal with them. Managing water well deterioration fills a need within the literature for an academically based informative text that incorporates practical advice. The focus on a problem-oriented approach to diagnosing well deterioration makes the book a useful practical handbook. It integrates concepts from hydrogeology, hydrochemistry and microbiology to give a thorough understanding of water well deterioration processes. Scenarios have been developed to illustrate common causes of water well fouling. A feature of the book is the treatment of both corrossion and fouling issues in depth. Case studies selected from around the world are uses to illustrate approaches to the diagnosis and remediation of well deterioration. These scientifically orientated perspectives on water well deterioration are embedded within a management framework to provide a comprehensive approach to dealing with water well deterioration.