Man for All Seasons: The Life and Times of Ken Douglas

Ken Douglas was raised in a hardworking, tough-talking, union-focussed Wellington family and got into union politics as a very young working man. Hard-nosed, pragmatic and never scared of a scrap, he rose through the ranks, got deeper into left-wing ideology and activity with his membership of the Socialist Unity Party, and ultimately became head of the FOL, and the most powerdul unionist in the land. Depending on your politics, he was one of the most respectre or the most hatrd men in the country; ironic then that in later yeras he was appointed to some of the country's most important boards. In this powerful biography, David Grant - who had unprecedented access to Douglas - explores the facets of this remarkable man, who was there during the union movement's most powerful days and watched its emasculation. It is a unique portrait of a unique New Zealander, whose life has been this country's times.