Mamarama: A Memoir of Sex, Kids, and Rock 'n' Roll

Critically acclaimed from Bust to People, this heartfelt treatise on punk motherhood (Donna Gaines) is moving and surprising-a familiar lick performed in an entirely revolutionary way (Alison Bechdel). Any parent may ask, Whats the connection between my youthful self and the old fart my kids think I am? Its especially relevant for McDonnell, a recent mom looking back on her bohemian, feminist, punk-rock, East-Village glory days and wondering, is the new me still the old me? As she makes the personal transformation from Riot Grrrl to Rebel Mom, this music journalist gives an eyewitness account of the cultural movements of the 90s, from alternative rock and third-wave feminism to hip-hop, raves, and Rent, and their relationship to the conventions and pressures of motherhood.