Making the Most of Your Farm Buildings: A Guide for Farmers and Smallholders

In the modern farming world, farm buildings play a crucially important role. This well-illustrated book, written by an expert, brings together information on a wide range of subjects concerning farm buildings and provides a unique, practical reference source for farmers and smallholders alike. Topics examined include: the law as it concerns the construction and environmental impact of farm buildings; traditional and new farm structures; constructing buildings on the farm using concrete, wood, steel and other materials; foundations, walls, floors, roofs and frames; water and electricity supply, lighting and drainage; heating and heat loss from buildings; natural ventilation, forced ventilations systems, air flow and the different types of fans that are available; the methods and techniques, including continuous recording, used to measure temperature, humidity, air flow and unwanted gases; the conversion of existing farm buildings into structures with new uses; and health and safety.