Making Choices in Sexuality: Research and Applications

Designed to help students make informed choices about this complex aspect of human behavior, this new book centers around the unique theme of choices--how to make them and how to live with their impact. This briefer version text gives you and your students a comprehensive and affordable alternative to longer texts for the course--without sacrificing depth and detail. Your students will broaden their understanding of sexuality by examining it from a variety of perspectives, including psychological, biological, sociological, feminist, historical, and cross-cultural. Without preaching or bias, the authors present cutting-edge information to ensure that students are knowledgable about critical issues in sexuality. From the latest on HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases to coverage of cultural variations in human sexuality, this book in unequaled in its presentation of scholarly--yet engaging--subject matter. To demonstrate how the content applies to students, research-based inventories ( Self-Assessments ) taken from sexuality and health literature provide scales students can use to assess their own beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Experienced authors Susan L. McCammon, David Knox, and Caroline Schacht each bring a unique perspective to the subject; McCammon as a teacher of the psychology of sexual behavior, Knox as a teacher of the sociology of human sexuality, and Schacht as a teacher of sociology and courtship and marriage.