Making A World of Difference: Inspiring Stories of the World's Unsung Heroes

To us they seem to be saints or heroes - people who selflessly devote themselves to improving the lives of others. Miles Roston has made it his business to search them out, talk to them and discover what it is that motivates them. In this book he tells the surprising stories of several remarkable people from different corners of the globe. But it is not just the stories of their lives and what they are doing for others - it is also about their secret: that helping others gives their own lives happiness in ways they could never have foreseen. One of them calls it the contentment of giving.Among the heroes in Making A World of Difference are the man in Kenya who has helped street children sniffing glue achieve their dreams; an Aboriginal nurse who makes sure that Aboriginal people run their own medical clinics; an African Methodist minister working with the poor at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh; the Frenchman who left a job at L'Oreal in Paris and started a beauty salon and restaurant to train former street kids in Cambodia; the first sex worker to be the keynote speaker at a major human rights conference in Poland; and the rebel leader from Darfur who learned that he had to listen to his own people, rather than exhorting them only to follow his dream. This book will both shock and enlighten. It will also provide inspiration to the thousands of people who want to do more to alleviate the pain and poverty in the world but do not know how to start. The answer is here.