Make Your Workplace Great: The 7 Keys to an Emotionally Intelligent Organization

What Steven J. Stein found out about creating and sustaining great workplaces The proprietary and cutting-edge research carried out by the author led to outcomes that shed new light on management practice and strategy. The 7 Keys presented in this book, when implemented, will produce immediate results and long-term enhanced performance. You will be privy to what the author has learned about the changing workplace and the role leaders play in maximizing their workforce. You can fill an organization with all the intelligent and highly educated people you want, but without the right culture and discipline, your chances of success are in doubt. Use this book to see how your organization measures up to the 7 Keys and implement the necessary changes to make your workplace a happier and more productive one. The 7 keys* Hire capable people who love the work they do and show how they contribute to the bigger picture.* Compensate people fairly.* Don't overwork (or underwork) people.* Build strong teams with shared purpose and viable goals.* Make sure managers can manage.* Treat people with respect and leverage their unique talents.* Be proactively responsible by doing the right things to win the hearts and minds of your people.