Make Chain Maille Jewelry Volume 2 Flower Dubious and Inca Puno Chains

Take the next step in your chain maille jewelry ...With Flower, Dubious, and Inca Puno Chains! Join artist and instructor Scott David Plumlee in 9 comprehensive watch-and-learn lessons as he shows you step by step how to create stunning chain and bead jewelry! Master chain maille as you boost your jewelry-making skills with these essential techniques for enhancing your chain and bead jewelry, including how-tos for Flower, Dubious, Inca Puno chains, embellishing with beads, creating your own magnetic clasps, and much more! Making expert techniques simple, Scott covers chain maille techniques with easy-to-see color-coated rings to help visualize the patterns you are creating. Enter a new era in your jewelry designs as you: * Get started the right way with a comprehensive tools and materials overview. * Step your chain maille up a notch with advanced patterns and techniques. * Design colorful patterns by adding stunning semiprecious stone beads. * Save on materials and make your own jump rings, ear wires, and more. * Create intricate chain patterns with expert tips and techniques made easy. * Discover the perfect way to fi nish with a fabulous custom magnetic clasp. * And more! Watch 87 minutes of exciting chain maille essentials on your own time. This chain maille resource allows you to start and stop when it's convenient for you. Get a front-row seat to this master jewelry-making class you can watch again and again!