Mad Frank's Diary: A Chronicle of the Life of Britain's Most Notorious Villain

Mad Frankie Fraser has become a household name, known to millions as one of London's most notorious gangsters. His stories of his life of crime have become the stuff of legend and Mad Frank's Diary delves into areas he has never chosen or never dared to talk about before. Taking the form of a diary, the book chranicles Frank's memories from each day of the year, recalling incidenis from throughout Frank's colourful and eventful life in a way that makes his stories highly accessible and hugely entertaining. While this book gives Frank the chance to respond to statements made in other books written by his contemporaries, the main focus is on stories which are previously unpublished; stories about his family (his niece was convicted of murder), about prison escapes, unsolved murders, police corruption, bribery, extortion, wrongful convictions and even sex in prison. As with any diary, the reader has the strange feeling that he or she is taking an illicit peek into someone else's life. You are spying on the writer. For God's sake don't let him catch you at it!