Macrocycle Synthesis: A Practical Approach

This volume is the first book to provide a practical introduction to the synthesis of macrocyclic compounds, which can be tailored to function as selective receptors for ions and neutral molecules. It contains a wealth of detailed information that is targeted not only towards those engaged in synthesis in universities and industry, but also at the non-specialist and the newcomer to the topic. Many of the protocols are suitable for inclusion in undergraduate practical classes. The initial chapters give full details of the synthesis of nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur containing macrocycles (e.g. benzo- and chiral crown ethers, cryptands and torands). Subsequent chapters give excellent coverage of the synthesis and elaboration of calixarenes, spherands, hemi-spherands and calix-spherands, and the final chapter lucidly explains the metal templated synthesis of catenanes. It is an essential text for those engaged in the synthesis of macrocyclic compounds and a perfect companion for the non-specialist keen to explore the chemistry of these exciting molecules.