Lucy Liu: Seventy Two

Lucy Liu Seventy Two is a very special publication of a dynamic body of artwork by Lucy Liu. Comprising 72 paintings in ink and acrylic, the series is inspired by the 72 Names of God mystical words that some believe help in the journey to find enlightenment for mind, body, and spirit. Liu s paintings sit at the interface of Eastern and Western traditions of art, referencing a variety of styles, from prehistoric cave art to Abstract Expressionism to Chinese calligraphy. With a freshness, vitality, and energy of its own, Liu s Seventy Two series is a must for anyone with an interest in abstract art and spirituality. A text by Deepak Chopra offers an insightful introduction to Liu s paintings, while Michael Dopp takes the reader on a journey through the whole series. An essay by theology and art history scholar Ori Z Soltes explains the history of the 72 Names of God and what they represent. The Limited Edition version of Seventy Two is produced in an edition of just 72 copies (plus 3 artist proofs) and, accompanied by a signed print of one of Liu s paintings from the Seventy Two series, is presented in a silkscreened cloth-covered solander box. When not appearing on stage or screen, Lucy Liu can often be found in her art studio in New York City. Her practice, which she has been developing for the past twenty years, takes the form of painting, photography, sculpture and mixed-media works, informed by various styles and movements including Expressionism, abstraction and Chinese art history. In addition to being an actor and artist, Liu is also a dedicated UNICEF ambassador.