Alba, Texas. In 2008, Terry Caffey, a home health care aide and aspiring preachers, was asleep in his bedroom when he woke up to a barrage of bullets. His wife, Penny, was killed instantly. With blood pouring from five bullet wounds, among other serious injuries, Terry tried - and failed - to save his two youngest children before crawling out of his burning house. Meanwhile, Terry's sixteen year old daughter, Erin, was missing. Once Erin was found by local authorities, she claimed she had been kidnapped - but could not remember the details. It wasn't until Terry was fully conscious that he could explain what had really happened: He'd been shot, point-blank, by two young men. One of them he did not know; the other was Charlie James Wilkinson. Charlie was Erin's nineteen-year-old boyfriend, forbidden from entering the Caffey's home. Until Erin helped Charlie come up with a plan to do away with her disapproving parents once and for all.