Lordship and Medieval Urbanisation: Coventry, 1043-1355

The processes by which medieval urban communities were formed and developed can be clearly seen in this study of Coventry. Following a survey of Domesday evidence, the book goes on to look at the mechanisms for economic growth in Coventry during the twelfth century, in which both lay and monastic lords played a significant part. Coventry in the thirteenth century reveals other issues: migration to and from the town, the occupational structure within Coventry, and the urban land market. The story of Coventry's development into the fourteenth century ranges over trade, manufacturing and occupations, and notes changes in the land market. Making extensive use of the town's rich documentation, this study presents the reader with a closely argued analysis of the stages by which Coventry developed from its origins in the Anglo-Saxon past to a vibrant and wealthy urban community on the eve of the Black Death. Dr Richard Goddard teaches in the School of History, University of Nottingham.