Logic and Algebra

This volume outlines current developments in model theory and combinatorial set theory and presents state-of-the-art research. Well-known researchers report on their work in model theory and set theory with applications to algebra. The papers of J. Brendle and A. Blass present one of the most interesting areas of set theory. Brendle gives a very detailed and readable account of Shelah's solution for the long-standing problem of $\mathrm{Con}(\mathfrak{d}<\mathfrak{a})$.It could be used in an advanced graduate seminar on set theory. Papers by T. Altinel, J. T. Baldwin, R. Grossberg, W. Hodges, T. Hyttinen, O. Lessmann, and B. Zilber deal with questions of model theory from the viewpoint of stability theory. Here, Zilber constructs an $\omega$-stable complete theory of 'pseudo-analytic' structures on algebraically closed fields. This result is part of his program of the model-theoretic study of analytic structures by including Hrushovski's method in the analytic context. The book presents this and further developments in model theory. It is geared toward advanced graduate students and researchers interested in logic and foundations, algebra, and algebraic geometry.