Living Islamic History: Studies in Honour of Professor Carole Hillenbrand

The publication of this book honours Professor Carole Hillenbrand's outstanding achievements in and service to Islamic and Middle Eastern Scholarship. It gathers original research from a range of leading international scholars from the UK, Europe and the USA whose chapters throw new light on a set of topics in medieval Islamic history, Islamic doctrine and practice, and the interaction between Islam and the modern world. Seeking to present fresh evidence and engaging ways of looking at old and new material, the authors contribute to a richer understanding of the interaction between historical events, social trends, religious practices and lived experiences in medieval Turkey and Central Asia, Iran and the Arabic-speaking lands. The book also discusses how some of the most abiding themes in the Arab-Islamic tradition continue to resonate in the modern world. Living Islamic History features contributions from Adel Al-Abdul Jader, C. E. Bosworth, Julia Bray, Farhad Daftary, Anne-Marie Edde, Hugh Kennedy, Remke Kruk, Gary Leiser, Charles Melville, James E. Montgomery, A. H. Morton, Ian R. Netton, Andrew Newman, A. Kevin Reinhart, Chase F. Robinson and Yasir Suleiman.