Little Wizard's English 4-5: Age 4-5

This innovative series will help your child to learn and practice essential English skills. Fun, magical characters and fantastic illustrations are combined with easy step-by-step activities, to encourage important early learning. Reward stickers at the end of each section give your child additional motivation and encouragement, and accompanying parentsaaC--(t) notes explain the educational content of each activity. Contents * A* Silly sounds * A* Lovely last letters * A* Wizard writing * A* Cheeky ch * A* Shy sh * A* That is th! * A* Wizarding fun * A* Wonderful words * A* Wacky words * A* Cute capital letters * A* Amazing alphabet * A* Rhyme time * A* Sounds good! * A* Wizarding fun * A* Answers * A* My first little wizard spell