Lifestyle Performance: A Model for Engagement in Human Existence

Life-style Performance: A Model for Engagement in Human Existence presents the theoretical base, structural format, and application of the Life Style Performance Model. This model of occupational therapy practice provides the occupational therapist with ways for responding to the timely needs of community service, of health and wellness programs, and to the dynamics that comprise the quality of life. The Life-style Performance Model is a phenomenologically based practice model that addresses both occupation for occupation's sake and as a therapeutic intervention. This exceptional book builds on the current text Activities: Reality and Symbol, providing the conceptual rationale and structural format for applying knowledge about activities to well populations, to those in need of treatment and rehabilitation, and to the operations of organizations and agencies. In addition, content includes the underlying constructs of the model such as: personal efficacy; self dependency; the multi-dimensions of doing; performance domains, the dynamics of engagement; elements of a person; agency congruence; information gathering processes; skills of interviewing; data analysis and critique; examples of application in various settings; cultures and populations; and projections for the future.