Life Is a Jigsaw: Learn the Energy Footprint Via the Master Horses

The British are regarded as a nation of animal lovers. Faced with the anxiety of an injured or traumatised animal, we will go to any lengths to remedy their ailments. While the first port of call is the vet, healers are playing an ever greater part in animal care, dealing with the physical condition through the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. They teach us not only how to deal with the immediate injury, but also how to nurture our animals and offer them a more harmonious and balanced life. "Life Is A Jigsaw" presents a simple and clear account of one person's journey on the road to self-awareness and development, coupled with the incredible gift of the power of healing. Relating her experiences of spiritual healing through her work with deeply damaged horses, Virginia de la Pole challenges the reader to explore their healing powers and to discover and reclaim their own spirituality. Whether you are a cynic or a convert, this book will ignite your curiosity and encourage you to question and examine your perceptions. Can you honestly say you have never received a telephone call from someone you were 'just about to call'? A coincidence, or some divine power at work...?