Life As It Was: How a Family Survived in the Pre-war, Wartime and Post-war Years

Life As It Was tells the tale of how an ordinary family lived in the pre-war, wartime and post-war years. It tells how they survived the troubles they encountered and how their lives were altered by the war. When I was a small child, I little knew how my life would change in a few short years. My family moving was unexpected but brought many changes to all our lives. Somehow we lived through these changes and learned to deal with the problems in our own ways. When I look back over the changes that have happened since the end of World War Two, I realise that we gained an independence which we would probably not have done if the war had not happened, says Mary. Life As It Was is her family's story, starting with her mother and father's renting of their house and the introduction of Mary and her siblings to their family. Mary's memories start at age three, with the birth of her younger brother David, and she recounts their lives. I recollect many of the important incidents in my life mainly because something often happened to remind me of the incident. Looking back, these scenes remain almost as vividly in my mind as they were on the days they first occurred, says Mary. The book will be enjoyed by fans of autobiographies, and those particularly interested in wartime tales.