Let Me Just Say: The UK's youngest grumpy old man

From the UK's youngest grumpy man, who brought you A Certain Point of View (Matador, 2012), comes another hilarious collection of rants. Eddie Hall's one-man crusade against the forces of stupidity continues in his second journal. In this book, Eddie tries to uncover the answers to more important worldly questions, like why cinema seats are designed to paralyse people from the waist down (why in the name of Dumbledore's danglies do they make the seats so uncomfortable?) as well as offer useful insights; if people who drive Nissan Micras are the herpes of the road, people who ride Mopeds are the gonorrhoea (they are slow, ugly, unsafe and could make even Keira Knightley look ridiculous and unattractive) and why no man will ever understand what a woman is talking about (I've yet to fully master this bizarre language). Like Eddie's previous book, this is a collection of satirical articles covering a wide range of topics that will be enjoyed by fans of humorous books. Eddie, whose writing style is comparable to that of Jeremy Clarkson, adopts an informal, conversational style that draws the reader in and allows them to relate to his (very valid) points. Warning: This book contains sarcastic material. Do not read if you suffer from any of the following conditions: A sense of humor deficiency, Humorphobia, Easilyoffendeditis or Americanitis.