Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom: Essays in Commemoration of Prof. Dr. Rene Wagenaar

This book commemorates Prof. Dr. Rene Wagenaar and illustrates the impact he had on research and discussions on research topics. It is divided into four parts, each part relating to a specific area of Prof. Wagenaar's career and also more or less reflecting the work he did at the three universities that played a role in his career, i.e. Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Free University of Amsterdam and Delft University of Technology. The first part of the book describes how Prof. Wagenaar started working on EDI and inter-organizational systems at Erasmus University.At the Free University, his research coincided with the Internet growth and hype, and he became focused on e-Commerce and the role of Virtual Merchant, as discussed in part two. In 2001, he assumed his position at Delft, and refocused his research on e-Government, and on infrastructure and service-related projects. At Delft, socio-technological designs have a prominent position in both education and research. His involvement in and impact on research and education starting from a socio-technical approach are discussed in contributions in part three. In part four, some contributions are bundled that address a number of issues in which Prof. Wagenaar was interested and left his marks on, like mobile technologies, business models, privacy issues and standardization.