Les Vikings En Normandie: 911-1066

Though the Vikings are remembered in popular culture as savage, helmeted barbarians, their impact on history and contribution to the expansion of civilisation suggests that they were far more than the heavy handed brutes of the Medieval world. The famed and technologically superior longships of the Viking age were vital to the expansion of medieval civilisation and to the exploration of territories far beyond Scandinavian shores. These ships and their crews of pirates, merchants and warriors were able to navigate the Volga River in Russia and reach as far east as Constantinople. To the west they found Newfoundland and to the south they explored the Spanish coastline. This superbly illustrated book studies the Vikings and their civilisation in detail, including their boats, evolving artistic styles, typology and dating of swords and also the history of Viking raids in Normandy, from their establishment in 911, until the conquest of England in 1066. French language