Learning to Teach Citizenship in the Secondary School

A comprehensive and illuminating resource on both citizenship and citizenship education - David Hicks, Times Educational Supplement What is the role of Citizenship? How can it be taught effectively? The fully updated second edition of Learning to Teach Citizenship in the Secondary School is an essential text for students training to teach Citizenship as a first or second subject, as well as experienced teachers who have opted to take responsibility for this vital subject. Written in a clear and practical way, yet underpinned by a sound theoretical background, it examines Citizenship as a wide-ranging subject that can be taught in its own right, or through other curriculum subjects and activities. The new edition includes a range of brand new chapters covering key themes in Citizenship education, including: * Historical origins and contemporary contexts * Developing subject knowledge and skills of enquiry * Effective lesson plans, schemes of work, and assessment * Citizenship beyond the classroom: community based work and learning outdoors * Citizenship across the curriculum: History, English, drama and media, and R.E. * Research in Citizenship With key objectives and tasks for each chapter, this book will help the reader improve their understanding of Citizenship education and in turn, help their pupils understand their roles as citizens in today's society.