Learning Exchange Server 2003

Surprisingly, the majority of organizations running Exchange are still usingExchange 5.5 that was released in 1997. In 2003, Microsoft suspended theirsupport of 5.5. Companies are now starting to upgrade and they will upgradeto 2003.Most sys admins who call themselves Exchange admins have never reallyworked with Exchange servers before. And for them, most of the books onthe market assume they have a basic understanding of Exchange and thereforejump right into a feature-based approach for Exchange 2003. Bill Boswellrecognized this and created a book to teach sys admins the fundamentals ofExchange 2003: How does it work? How do I get the most out of it? How do Ifix it if it breaks? He introduces the material at the right level, getting thereader to do something useful quickly, without patronizing the reader with a lotof fluff. The chapters get readers up and running in a test environment, thenexpose readers to layers of detail as they progress through a topic andultimately get them ready for a real-world deployment or a managementchallenge. Bill makes a point to cover Outlook, Eudora and other e-mailclients. And he is not afraid to suggest third party products when he believesthey will work more efficiently.