Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behaviors: A Guide to Intervention and Classroom Management

This is the ideal textbook for teaching pre-service educators and specialists to understand how specific developmental, behavior, and academic problems influence school success.The authors identify 10 building blocks important to learning success, divided into 3 levels: foundational, symbolic, and conceptual. Educators complete the questionnaire to identify a student's strengths and limitations. Corresponding chapters then provide educators with the research and information they need to understand the issues, cultivate the student's strengths, address weaker areas, and develop appropriate accommodations and instructional interventions. They get effective intervention strategies both to improve outcomes for individual students and to ensure successful classroom management. This guide is also flexible enough to be used as a classroom resource; busy teachers can complete the questionnaire for individual students and then immediately turn to the appropriate chapters to get the information and strategies they need to help the student succeed.This new edition includes additional information about school environment and elementary grades, and emotional issues are examined separately from behavioral issues.