Learning American History: Critical Skills for the Survey Course

TO THE STUDENT: This book is designed to show students that the study of history is much more than memorising names and dates. The critical skills employed in the serious study of history are essential components of a sound college or university education and can be valuable assets for you in your career endeavours. TO THE TEACHER / TUTOR: This book is designed as a supplementary text for college and university students taking introductory courses in American history. It is not an American history book per se, but a workbook which, after a brief survey of the defining traditions in American historiography, introduces students to the nature of history and historical thinking, the methods of historical inquiry, and the elements of effective historical writing. Chapter 11 discusses techniques for evaluating history on film and video, and may be assigned at any point in which students are asked to assess critically a historical film or documentary. A series of appendices provide advice on reading history books, writing book reviews, and term papers, and doing oral history projects.