Over the years we've seen too many well-intentioned leaders and managers attempt and fail to implement values into their workplace. Don't repeat their mistakes. Understand values and their impact on people, performance and profit, because - make no mistake - identifying company values can make a positive difference to your business performance. Values at Work (2003) showed how to develop a values-based organisation. With another three years' experience consulting with leading corporate clients, Michael Henderson, Dougal thompson and Shar Henderson now take you to the next level, offering managers and organisations a practical programme to implement values-based leadership in three significant ways: Support your organisation to become a leader in its chosen market. Link company culture to the business strategy more effectively. Understand and be aware of the values framework underlining and guiding specific leadership styles. values@work's clients include Vodafone New Zealand, Yellow Pages, ACC, the Department of Conservation, Christchurch City Council, Lion Nathan, Air Nelson, Postie +, tip top and Shell Oil.