Leading in Turbulent Times

What should senior managers do in the face of the unrelenting change that confronts them today? In the context of such uncertainty, there is one unifying need: leadership. When the going gets tough, the tough exercise leadership. Equally, tough times call for soft skills. Make no mistake -- in turbulent times, leadership is the prerequisite of the survival and future success of your business. USE THE HEADWINDS OF CHANGE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE WHEN EVERYONE ELSE IS BEING BLOWN OFF COURSE How do you lead when the world just won't stand still? Leading in Turbulent Times is based on exclusive interviews with the frontline leaders who know how to adapt to rapid change and how to help their companies overcome the challenging obstacles they face. When change is the name of the game, the best leaders focus on passion; communication; and vision. Kevin Kelly and Gary Hayes spoke to the following global leaders, so that you can hear it like it is. * Talal Alzain, Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company* John Brock, Coca Cola Enterprises* Sam DiPiazza, PwC * Edward Dolman, Christie's International* Henry Fernandez, MSCI Barra* Mark Frissora, CEO Hertz Corporation* Victor Fung, Li & Fung * Tom Glocer, Thomson Reuters * Kris Gopalakrishnan, Infosys* George Halvorson, Kaiser Permanante* Wang Jianzhou, China Mobile* Kazuyasu Kato, Kirin Holdings* K V Kamath, ICICI Bank* Bijan Khosrowshahi, Fuji Fire & Marine * Yorihiko Kojima, Mitsubishi* Anand Mahindra, Mahindra & Mahindra* Alexei Mordashov, Severstal* Takeshi Niinami, Lawson* Nick Stephan, Phoenix Partners Group * Linda Wolf, Wal-Mart Find out how these top-performing executives are navigating through uncertain times and use the book's 'Leading in turbulent times checklist' to make sure your company rides out the winds of change.