Leading Adult Learning: Supporting Adult Development in Our Schools

'Eleanor Drago-Severson takes hold of an important and neglected truth: students grow best in schools where the adults around them are growing, too. In this nurturing and much-anticipated work, the author shows us exactly how to make this happen. Sound theory, vivid examples, and, best of all, a practice-ready framework-it's all here! Anyone who cares about making our schools better will feel richly rewarded for spending time with this encouraging book' - Robert Kegan, Meehan Professor of Adult Learning and Professional Development Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Coauthor of Immunity to Change 'With this comprehensive and compelling book, Eleanor Drago-Severson establishes herself as a leading authority on authoritative leadership in education' - Howard Gardner, Author of Leading Minds Support the growth and development of all adults-teachers, principals, and superintendents-in your school community! Educators at every level go through different stages of development over the course of their lives and need different kinds of supports and challenges to grow. Leading Adult Learning introduces a model of adult development that helps school and district leaders consciously cultivate teacher, head teacher, and education officer capacities in the educational workplace. Eleanor Drago-Severson's developmental model of learning-oriented school leadership draws from multiple knowledge domains, including adult learning, developmental theory, leadership practice, and organizational collaboration. The book shows head teachers how to foster growth and learning for individuals with different needs and developmental orientations. With a focus on research and application, this volume: - Details four Pillar Practices for growth-teaming, providing leadership roles, collegial inquiry, and mentoring-which can support all adults - Presents extensive research and practical application from head teachers, teachers, Education Officers, and other school leaders from across the nation - Includes application exercises, reflective questions, and lessons from the field to assist you in applying this learning-oriented model to your school and school system Drago-Severson makes a compelling case for deliberately supporting adult development within and across school systems to enhance adults' capacities, school improvement, and student achievement.