Leadership for Today's School Library: A Handbook for the Library Media Specialist and the School Principal

School library media specialists know that a close collaboration between the school principal and themselves is critical in the development of an exemplary school library media program, but they are often unsure of how to establish and build on that collaboration. Using Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning, the authors present a vision for a student-centered library program, showing methods librarians can use to learn to work together with their principals and teachers to build curriculum, incorporate state and national standards and guidelines, and implement technology. Interviews and vignettes from eracticing school library media specialists and school principals give witness to the effectiveness of the program, highlighting examples of key points. Beginning with a discussion on the principal's training and experience with the school library, the authors describe what goals he or she has in common with the school library media specialist, and how the two can develop a rapport to reach these shared goals. Wilson and Lyders explain how the media specialist can and should become a part of curriculum planning and evaluation with the principal. The involvement of the school principal in assessing and evaluating the school library is essential. Thus, working together on library public relations and outreach to the school community and Internet and technology plans increases this involvement. Wilson and Lyders also address the importance of gaining the principal's endorsement for such issues as intellectual freedom and copyright. The school library can have a powerful and positive impact on learning through the strong leadership and close realtionship of the principal and library media specialist.