Leadership for Sustainable Futures: Achieving Success in a Competitive World

Many managers in the English-speaking world are seeking an alternative to the prevailing business model which promotes a short-term, shareholder-value approach. In this accessible and highly topical book, Gayle Avery argues that this Anglo/US approach to capitalism and business is seriously flawed and does not bring the quality of life to individuals and societies that many people seek. But what is the alternative and do business leaders have a different choice? This book demonstrates alternative ways of leading sustainable organizations. It identifies 19 criteria for sustainable leadership practices that can be found in globally successful enterprises such as Allianz, BMW, Munich Reinsurance, Nokia, Novartis, and Porsche. Sustainable principles include promoting ethical behavior, long-term thinking and innovation, and valuing employees and other stakeholders such as the community, the environment and future generations. The author presents concrete examples of leadership from 28 interesting case studies to illustrate the many different ways in which sustainable leadership principles can be implemented. The book concludes that shifting to sustainable leadership practices may appear difficult for enterprises based in the USA, UK and Australia, but is essential for the long-term survival of these firms. Indeed, several well-known businesses from these countries have already adopted sustainable leadership principles, including Colgate-Palmolive, Continental Airlines, HSBC, IBM, Marriott, Nordstrom and SAS. By highlighting a dramatically different approach to leadership which can prove financially, socially and environmentally successful, this book will have a great appeal to scholars and students with an interest in leadership, strategy, international management and organisational studies. It will also be a valuable and practical aid for managers and consultants looking for new directions and ways of running their businesses.